Mobile App

Your own branded mobile application

Ready-to-use mobile application for your business.

Use as your own media for businesses/organizations internal communication or to reach to your clients.

Create your business brand awareness with mobile application.


Over 23 useful functions within the channel. All functions are designed for a variety of business purposes.

Some of our Micro functions for supporting your business (there are many more)

Example of businesses which can apply our mobile application

Shappy SME App Packages

Choose the right package that fits to your business

- The given prices are still not included commercial tax 5%

- Booking function can support up to maximum 30 Resources.

- The amount of users are including of guest users, registered users and have not over 300 concurrent users 

- For iOS, customer have to submit through your Apple Development Account according to Apple latest policy. To apply for Apple Development Account there will be a fee $99/year which is not included in our packages price. (To apply for Apple Development Account to use with our package, we can give you our consultancy)

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