Term of Services


The member agrees and accepts the terms of service which are prepared by ReadyMyanmar.com as follows:-

  • Members must provide the correct information in Name, Current address, Tel no, Fax no and E-mail address so that we can contact in case of service updates or notification.
  • Be responsible for Myanmar's laws,rules and regulations.
  • Using the free website, the members will get the website name in format as yourwebname.readymyanmar.com and we may have some online ads banner shown in the website.
  • ReadyMyanmar may change any Terms of Service in the appropriate situation and reserves the right to modify without any prior notice, and will not be responsible for damage to for member or third party for such changes.
  • ReadyMyanmar will not be responsible for service usage include but not limited to service interuption, system errors, infringement of personal privacy.
  • All content information and images put in to the website must be legal.
  • It is prohibited to copy, duplicate or use the information published on ReadyMyanmar.com website without permision and written approval.
  • Communication between ReadyMyanmar and Members will be contact via email. If members have a question or a problem, please send an email to info@readymyanmar.com or type the question in the contact form.
  • ReadyMyanmar service is not "Web Hosting" therefore we do not allow members to upload HTML files which are creates from other web creating programs.
  • Members can terminate the service at anytime by sending email to info@readymyanmar.com.

The following types of sites are not allowed to create on ReadyMyanmar.com:

  • Illegal Content - content which may be illegal in Myanmar.
  • Adult - sexual context, nudity, exposed about adult themes.
  • Political content - publish illegal content which is related to politic and anti-government content.